Off World Executive Board

Off World Executive Board, chaired by the Chief Operating Officers and President was established on January 6, 2012 to develop and implement executive corporate strategies of Off World Investment Institute Inc.                   

Off World Board members are:

Treasurer—Chris M. Jackson, NACDL               • Managing Director—Tyler T. Henke
Vice President—Lane Larson                             • President—Dr. John D. Jackson

 To further enhance Off World board; these positions were created and filled by exemplary Off World staff and others on April 19, 2012.

• Executive Deputy President—Guy Robertson, shk           • Chief Production Officer—Jim B. Fields
• Chief Financial Officer—Juliet Carapella, CPA                   • Chief Research Officer—Master, Allen M. Abdul
• Chief coffee Marketing Officer—Jason Anthony                           • Chief Technical adviser—Dr. Michio Kaku 

January 6, 2013 Off World Shareholders elected 6 new director positions for three Off World divisions:

• Quantum Vice President                                         • Quantum Managing Director
• DSC Vice President                                                 • DSC Managing Director
• Research Vice President                                         • Research Managing Director

New executive positions to enhance Off World public relations on November 3, 2013 as we announce Off World's new Space Technologies.

• Chief Human Resources Officer                                         • Chief Safety Liaison—(NASA)                                  • Chief Managing Director                                                     • Chief Communications Officer